Mac Scrolling

Graham & Heather Harrison crw at
Sat Apr 24 04:53:25 EDT 2010

It appears that the problem lies between rev and the trackpad of my 17" unibody MBP.

Because I am so used to tap-click, I didn't think to use physical-click in rev. It turns out that single-physical-click works at all times, irrespective of the trackpad setting. The vanilla setting for trackpad is NO tap-click. When I started the new installation I used physical-click without realising the implications.

If tap-click is set without dragging (probably an unusual setting) then no combination of taps works for scrolling in rev.

If tap-click is set with dragging (my usual setting) then single-tap does nothing in rev, double-tap works like a single-click.

Can someone test rev scrolling on a laptop with tap facilities. If it is not just my MBP then rev will need to look at this.

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