Mac Scrolling

Graham & Heather Harrison crw at
Fri Apr 23 04:28:22 EDT 2010

Kay C Lan (Kay? Lan?)

(I am not quoting at the moment because I was overwhelmed by all the messages from other threads.)

The strange hot-key behaviour is system wide, from finder through any app with Services. As far as I can tell it is only those I have set up using Keyboard Shortcuts, or Keyboard Maestro (which all start with Ctl). I don't often use special hot-keys set by third party apps as there are many conflicts there.

I turned off Enable Assistive Devices, which also has made no difference. Glad of that as I really want back the two I disabled (Keyboard Maestro, KeyCue), as well as all those that gave me plaintive messages when I rebooted. (I knew there were others, but was surprised by how many.) As you say, all of them were disabled in Safe Boot anyway.

Regarding spouse, we both have our own computer, and she relies on me for all maintenance, etc. Her abilities lie in other directions.

On the other hand the Wicked Wenzles of the West may be targeting me again.I thought I had driven them off forever with the garlic poultice on my hard drive, and come to think of my foil hat is missing... 

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