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Jean-Pierre Soto wrote:
> I want to send more than 20Ko text. Is there a way to do that?

After a bit of web searching it seem Rev folks aren't the only ones bit 
by this Microsoft bug/feature.  Various limitations in IE and Outlook 
suggest it may not be possible to reliably create a new email form with 
more than somewhere between 500 and 2k chars (depending on the specifics 
of the user's setup).

Perhaps the most reliable method would be to bypass Windows altogether 
and use a CGI to send the email.

Here's the handler I use in my CGI library for sending email:

on cgiSendMail pTo, pFrom, pSubject, pMessage
   put "/usr/sbin/sendmail -t" into tSendMailProg
   open process tSendMailProg for write
   write "From:" && pFrom & cr to process tSendMailProg
   write "To:" && pTo & cr to process tSendMailProg
   write "Subject:" && pSubject & cr & cr to process tSendMailProg
   write pMessage & cr to process tSendMailProg
   close process tSendMailProg
   wait until tSendMailProg is not among the lines of the openProcesses
end cgiSendMail

If you use the POST method you should be able to send email with more 
than 2k characters.

For getting started with Rev CGIs I know of no better resource than 
Jacque's excellent guide:


WARNING: Writing CGIs in Rev is highly addictive and may have adverse 
effects on your productivity for at least three days once you get hooked 
and start writing all sorts of fun stuff. :)

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