defau;ltStack and Front Scripts

Peter Haworth pete at
Sun Apr 18 12:54:51 EDT 2010

Thanks for the warning!  I was also surprised that "this stack" did in  
fact point to my app stack and not the stack that the code was running  
from.  I think I will change my handler to have a parameter that  
explicitly names the stack as you suggest.

Pete Haworth

On Apr 18, 2010, at 6:34 AM, use-revolution-request at  

> On Apr 17, 2010, at 12:25 PM, Peter Haworth wrote:
>> Instead of passing in the name of the app stack, I found I could  
>> the use "the long name of this stack", eg:
>> set the mainstack of stack "Structures" to the mainstack of the  
>> long name of this stack
> I myself never trust "this stack" even when I'm totally utterly  
> certain that I know what stack "this stack" will refer to when my  
> handler is run.  I tend to envision, subconsciously, "this stack" to  
> be, well, "THIS stack", the stack the control is in, or the stack I  
> have in mind, the stack in front of me. But to Rev, "this stack" is  
> the default stack, and if your script wanders into a palette or  
> modeless stack someday, "this stack" will refer to "that stack over  
> there" and suddenly stuff is happening behind your back to the wrong  
> stack! Having been bitten countless times, when I write library  
> utilities now, I insist that the target of actions be specified  
> explicitly, usually via a parameter.
> t

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