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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Fri Apr 16 20:50:03 EDT 2010

Paul D. DeRocco wrote:

>> From: Richard Gaskin
>> Andre wrote:
>> > put the md5digest of url ("binfile:" & path1) into tMD5file1
>> > put the md5digest of url ("binfile:" & path2) into tMD5file2
>> > if tMD5file1 is tMD5file2 then
>> >   return true
>> > else
>> >   return false
>> > end if
>> Andre, you've been programming too deeply for too long. :)
>> MD5digest is great for storing small signatures of large files, but
>> since the function reads the full file contents it can simply use:
>>    if url ("binfile:"& path1) is url ("binfile:"& path2) then
>>    ...
> I expect that loads both files into RAM in their entirety before comparing
> them, while computing a digest of each doesn't.

There may be ways to compute a digest without reading the file into 
memory in other systems, but IIRC Rev's md5digest function only works on 
data, not file specs.

Also, to the engine this:

   put the md5digest of url ("binfile:" & path1) into tMD5file1

Looks like:

   put url ("binfile:" & path1) into someUnspecifiedContainer
   put md5Digest(someUnspecifiedContainer) into tMD5file1

Rev's insistence that it calculates the digest from contents in memory 
is the subject of an RQCC request:

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