OT: Microsoft is really annoying

J. Landman Gay jacque at hyperactivesw.com
Fri Apr 16 14:05:30 EDT 2010

Bernard Devlin wrote:

> I think all Windows installations must be assumed to be toxic. 

Yes, that's the assumption I use too. It's also the reason I'm so much 
in favor of running Windows in a virtual machine. In Parallels (and 
maybe other emulators too, I'm not sure,) you can set a sort of bookmark 
for the current state of the machine, and when you're done working you 
can revert to that state. That removes anything that's been installed on 
the virutal hard drive since the state was set.

So I run Windows virtually, keep no important data on it, use it only 
for testing Rev apps and creating installers, and never use it to for 
email or web browsing. I've got virus detection software installed but 
it has never identified any malware. Rev's direct internet access works 
fine and I don't mess with anything else internet-related. So far, so 
good, and I haven't had to revert to the saved state yet.

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