Clang: the thought behind Apple's insistence upon Xcode

Douglas dougtechie at
Thu Apr 15 18:02:12 EDT 2010

Hello François,
The iPad uses an ARM processor, not a G4.
The ARM chips were first utilised in the Acorn Archimedes computer range.
They were designed by a partnership of Acorn Risc Machines (ARM),  
Motorola and IBM.
The instruction set is very compact, therefore easy to learn. Most 
coders built up libraries of standard routines quickly and easily.
I assume that they have not really seen any need for any massive 
increase in the instruction set, but I haven't seen anything about them 
for quite some number of years, so I really don't know.
Multi-core ARM's now, that would be something else - I predict that may 
be in Apple's future.


On 15/04/2010 22:14, François Chaplais wrote:
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> This is a move by Apple towards independence from chip designers. For instance, I do not know how the G4 iPad chip was designed, but having an "almost" compiler that works independently of the chip must help Apple manage OS X on the iPhone, iPad and Mac.
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> Cheers,
> 	François

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