Revlet as backend tool

Terry Vogelaar tvogelaar at
Tue Apr 13 14:43:23 EDT 2010

Thanks for your responses, Michael, Richard and Andre.

I realized some things weren't very clear in my post. The revlet is not intended for the iPhone users to use or see. It is a backend tool. The person who writes the content has to start the script after he is done updating the site in Flashblocks. 

Ideally, I want to add as few steps as possible. If the script creates its HTML-files on the local computer and he has to upload them using FTP, he probably will not bother to use it every time he needs to.

Using Rev CGI instead of a revlet is an idea. Still, I like to avoid it if possible. I don't know if the ISP allows the Rev engine to be installed. 

So I think I'll try the libURLftpUpload command.


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> Terry,
> Like the others, I suspect your best option is a CGI and not a RevWeb
> installation. This will make it easier to read and generate files since
> everything will run on the server. Doing file manipulation on servers from a
> client point of view can be tricky.
> Now, moving further, remember to checkout the following things when you
> reach the point of generating your web ui for the iphone itself:
> * The viewport tag
> * iUI javascript library
> Those two cool technologies will make your iPhone HTML better and more
> beautiful.
> Cheers
> andre
> On Tue, Apr 13, 2010 at 5:29 AM, Terry Vogelaar <tvogelaar at>wrote:
>> I have been asked to make a HTML-version of a Flash-based site, because not
>> all internet browsing devices have Flash. The site is not hosted on On-Rev,
>> so I cannot use an .irev file. The CMS is Flashblocks; a Flash-based
>> commercial CMS that writes all data to an XML-file. So the task of parsing
>> the data and write it to a bunch of HTML-files should be fairly simple.
>> So I want to write a revlet with a simple user interface. Basically a
>> button that the editor can click after he is done with updating the content
>> in Flashblocks. The script then parses the newly written XML-file and puts
>> the HTML-files on the server to update them too, for all iPhone users to
>> see.
>> But before I start coding, I want to investigate what the hurdles might be,
>> because this is going to be my first revlet. For example: what is the
>> standard location for a revlet to write files? The server or the user side?
>> Can a revlet write files to a server? If yes, how? Do I need to set
>> permissions? Can it create new files and overwrite existing files?
>> Terry

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