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Fri Apr 9 00:56:35 EDT 2010

Jerry Daniels wrote:

 > I anticipate this latest change to the "rules" will generate
 > quite fierce debate among all concerned....

Perhaps translated: "Class action suit". ;)

Like taking out a single sniper by dropping napalm across an entire 
jungle, if Apple was targeting Adobe they sure took out a lot of 
collateral damage: from Appcelerator to PhoneGap and maybe a dozen 
others, there are a great many people in this affected "class".

In terms of monopolistic practices, the only thing distinguishing Apple 
from Microsoft these days is that they're less successful with market share.

With enough growth we may see dozens of governments around the world 
slam Apple as they did Microsoft, over many of the same principles.

"Why punish success?"

That was Microsoft's defense too. And they still lost.

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