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This link is interesting:

In the post referenced above, the multi-platform aspect of pre-compilers is called out as one of the main reasons for the new rule. This is worth a read and from one of the foremost finders of software developers which these days means iPhone and iPad.

The crew in Scotland are usually very conservative in their approach in most matters. So, would be surprised if they've painted themselves into a corner.

As far as "the team" being way ahead of us...this late breaking news. It's not a question of lack of technical chops or foresight.  


Jerry Daniels

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On Apr 8, 2010, at 7:05 PM, "J. Landman Gay" <jacque at> wrote:

> Jerry Daniels wrote:
>> I have trouble believing that a pre compiler is a problem. Any
>> framework is essentially the same thing. RevMobile doesn't actually
>> compile anything as far as I can tell. It creates a file(s) to be
>> compiled by Objective-C, yes?
> Yeah. Nobody panic. As far as I can tell, the rules haven't changed much, the team is aware of the limitations, and RevMobile doesn't break them. There is no interpreted layer in a built RevMobile app; Rev scripts go directly from RevTalk to binary. We have limitations on using "interpreted" commands in our scripts, and they won't be accepted -- i.e., we can't use do, value, or any parameters that aren't already evaluated before they're sent (see the revmobile docs about that. It's not as bad as it sounds.)
> Kevin may have more to say about it, but I think the team is way ahead of you guys. ;)
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