sqlYoga: failing to do simple record deletion?

David Bovill david at opntech.com
Tue Apr 6 15:09:23 EDT 2010

What am I doing wrong - must be something simple and obvious, but I can't
figure out how to delete records, I'm adding them OK - but somewhere in the
stew is a bug stopping me deleting them. This is what I do:

on hdb_DeleteHandler
>    put GetSelectedID() into handlerID
>    put sqlrecord_CreateObject ("handler") into theRecordA
>    sqlrecord_set theRecordA, "id", handlerID
>    sqlrecord_delete theRecordA
>    put the result into someError
>    display_HkeyDataBase
> end hdb_DeleteHandler

On a simple "handler" table with fields "id,name,type,object,number" - and
column id - = "id" set as a primary key (set up using SQLite Manager for
FireFox). I get no error in someError, but running the same old display
queries on the db displays no changes. "sqlrecord_delte" does actually
delete records from the database on disk - or am I missing something? What
should I check for in terms of debugging?

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