Is RevWebPlayer *PPC* rotten?!

Dom mcdomi at
Mon Oct 5 05:38:48 CDT 2009

It's in the title ;-)

More thoroughly:

I downloaded RevMedia4 (at least) and tried to upload on the web a
little didactic stack (International Units)

I had a number of woes with revwebplayer *PPC*
sometimes (rarely) it worked*, and afterwards I was unable to read the
web page...
Safari was totally blocked, mandatory force-quit ;-<
Firefox ditto

I thought it was a plugin conflict, so I went to a clean sandbox
session: Safari crashed immediately -- but it specified that the culprit
was certainly... nprevweb!!

Firefox crashed without message

A person on the french list

<mailto:revolutionfr at>

pointed out that there were _several_ instances of revwebplayer running
simultaneously -- and it was the reason why it crashed!

but -- there is no mean to avoid that, as RevMedia4 tries to launch a
web page with the newly created revlet!

it tries to launch the local copy of the revlet -- is it possible to run
locally a revlet??

I was almost discouraged, and thought that indeed it was 
"alpha de chez alpha" ;->
not usable, therefore...

but I read here that a number of persons succeeded in making revlets to
run -- so, what the heck?

is my Mac doomed?

at this time, I had an idea -- my Mac is in fact a *PPC* Mac, a G5 iMac
so, why not trying on a Intel Mac??

I borrowed my spouse's Mac Mini, installed the revwebplayer x86
-- and it worked!!!
Safari as a charm -- but the paranoid Firefox complained ;->

So, my very first productions:


Is it possible to convert to "french" date?

and a preversion for prefixes in the SI


* it worked _once_ on the RevMedia 4 page

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