set the textStyle to not bold

Beat Cornaz b.cornaz at
Sat Oct 3 11:31:51 CDT 2009

 > Craig wrote :
 >The proffered scripts all necessitate that the original text,  
likely from a
 >field, be manHandled word by word.

 >This is because text in a variable does not retain the textStyle of  
 >source. But don't I remember that there is a way, or a gadget, that  
holds the
 >style along with the raw text? The only reason it might matter is  
speed; a
 >lot of getting and setting goes on in the solutions offered. It  
might be worth
 >it to put massive amounts of text in a variable and process there,
 >returning the new styled text to the field in one put.

 >Seems like I saw this somewhere...

 >then Paul wrote :

 >This would be a way to follow Craig's suggestion:

   > put the htmlText of fld 1 into temp
    >replace "<b>" with "" in temp
 >   replace "</b>" with "" in temp
  >  set the htmlText of fld 1 to temp

I didn't really think in the HTML direction, because speed in my case  
is of absolutely no importance. I guess the little pitfall I pointed  
out above also applies to this script. I was originally thinking of  
checking and setting the textStyle of each char (like Devin and Paul  
did on words level). Then I hoped there would be a cleaner way.

Cheers, Beat

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