Safari caches revlet

Brian Yennie briany at
Mon Nov 16 18:57:10 CST 2009

One common technique if you want to force a new version to be loaded  
is to use a "cache busting" URL to the Revlet in your HTML. Just add a  
query string to the end, and change it to reflect a new version.

myrevlet.rev ===> myrevlet.rev?v=1.0 ===> myrevlet.rev?v=2.0 ====> etc.

 From then on, whenever you update the Revlet, just change the query  
string on the end. New URL = fresh copy.

Of course, keep in mind that if your Revlet is hosted on a static  
page, you've just pushed the caching issue up the ladder one rung.  
Thus it will need to be on a dynamic page which could be accomplished  
with OnRev hosting or really any other scripting solution (PHP, Perl,  
client-side Javascript, etc).

Another variation would be to append a fine-grained time stamp -- thus  
causing a reload every time. There are also a multitude of ways to do  
this using HTTP headers, but I find the URL tricks a lot easier to  

> Anyone know of a way to force Safari to reload a revlet other than  
> emptying the cache?
> When I upload a new version of a revlet, Firefox dutifully loads the  
> new version, but Safari insists on using a cached version.
> Thanks,

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