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Mon Nov 2 08:22:31 CST 2009

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You need to embed the image inline as base64 data..

<img src="data:[MIMETYPE];base64,[DATA]">

(note, the square brackets are part of the placeholders and should not  
appear in the final code)

A quick break-down of the syntax

<img src="	-- standard html
data:		-- tells the parser that we are using inline data instead of a  
[MIMETYPE]	-- mime type of the image (ie. image/png)
;			-- separator
base64		-- encoding method (best to stick with base64 for binary data)
,			-- separator between the 'header' and the 'data' (yes, a comma)
[DATA]		-- base64 encoded data for the image
">			-- standard html

Awesome explanation, thank you so much! time to build a test stack and give it a whirl.

David C.

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