Re-7: libeay32.dll error with standalone

Jim Bufalini jim at
Mon Mar 30 17:17:05 EDT 2009

Hi Matthias,

> i am running a 32-bit system.
> The problem is, that the standalones  looks at startup if it can find a
> libeay32.dll in windows or any folder defined in %path%, although the
> standalone, even the standalone with just one answer dialog, is created
> with settings,that do not include the ssl library. My problem is/was,
> that my customer owns about 50 Acer pc´s, which all have installed
> Acer´s eDataSecuritySoftware. This software extend  %path% to a i386
> and a x86 folder of within the eDataSecurity folder

The irony of this is that I built the test standalone for Camm to test his
answer problem on a quad-processor Acer Aspire with eDataSecurity Software
installed and running and I used Rev 3.0.

> My standalone, which does not use ssl, looks now along the path if it
> can find the libeay32.dll. It finds it in i386 and also in x64 and
> tries to load it. Then i get an errormessage, but this message is not
> generated by the standalone. I think that message is created by
> windows, because the standalone tries to load a 64-bit version of
> libeay32.dll under 32-bit windows. And that cannot work. Btw. if i
> rename the libeay32.dll in folder x64. The standalone starts up without
> any error message.

There are two things I note. 1. There is no ...eDataSecurity\i386 in my
$Path. 2. There is an ...eDataSecurity\x64 in my $Path and indeed it does
contain a libeay32.dll file. This surprised me a bit.

But, it's being there doesn't seem to cause a problem. I then renamed it to
_libeay32.dll and ran the same test exe and again no problems. I then once
again renamed the one in my System32 dir _libeay32.dll. Still no problems.
And I do not have any SSL libs in my EXE dir. So, if Rev is indeed looking
for them, it should have a problem finding them.
> But again, why does a Revolution standalone, which does not use any ssl
> or encryption,  looks for and tries to load  the libeay32.dll? What
> for?  That´s what i do not understand.
> If you are interested, i can send you the specific libeay32.dll, which
> produces the error here. Just replace it with your one, run a
> standalone with only an anwwer dialog and you will see what i mean.

Actually, I am going to send to both you and Camm off-list (on the off
chance the issues are related), the password protected .rev and .exe (I
built under Rev 3.0). The password shows when you click the answer button as
well as the version of Rev and your path. It puts your path in the
clipboarddata so you can paste it.

Let me know if you see any differences

Aloha from Hawaii,

Jim Bufalini

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