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dunbarx dunbarx at
Sun Mar 22 00:29:13 EDT 2009

Reposting this:

I thought I knew how these things worked. Even HC does this, I just found 

Two stacks, "A" and "B". In a button handler on "A":

on mouseUp
  wait 200
  go stack "A" -- remember, the button is in "A"
end mouseUp

During the wait period, if I click anywhere on stack "B", the frontmost stack 
is "B" after the timeout. If, instead of "wait", I have a repeat loop 
that allows me time to click on stack "B" before it terminates, I still am left in 
"B". The click's loc is remembered with a vengeance, overRiding the "go" command,
far more than I would have thought possible.

Pushing/Popping cards, going to "A" five times, nothing matters.

It's like I am 1 hour into HC in '87. I can't believe I never noticed before. 
This isn't even a Rev thing.

Craig Newman

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