illegal creativity?

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Leadership is not culture, especially in autocratic oppressive dictatorships or theocracies.  However, the culture in such countries end up reflecting the damage caused by abuse.  I refuse to tell lies. The statements i made are to call attention between rule of rights (not simply rule of law).  Luckily, a larger and larger percentage of global people are living in the relative fairness provided by democracy.  If being a life long civil rights liberal makes me an archy bunker racist i must have missed a memo.  Abusive systems create more paranoia than do less abusive systems.  To the extent that we quietly partake in abuse we are to blame.  User contracts have gotten out of hand.  These are simple truths.   

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> I didnt know i was conversing with people from north korea 
> and iran.  In the us, japan, canada, mexico, brazil, iceland, 
> south africa, russia, israel, india, and most of europe, etc. 
> There is a difference between criminal law and civil contract 
> law.  In most moderen democratic societies, the wording in 
> product contracts are considdered about as binding as santa 
> or the stuff car salesmen say right before they go off to 
> "talk to the manager".

If you were someone my father's age, Id write off your comments as the
result of a combination of encroaching senility washing over an Archie
Bunker, pre-WW II mentality - something to let pass when delivered with good
natured intent. But in the less senile, it makes me wonder if you are simply
just trolling this list for the thrill of it.

I hope the list mom will take the time to pitch you off this list for making
such culturally offensive statements.

Best regards,

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