Tags in dialog boxes and the command: resetAll

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Sat Mar 21 13:49:21 EDT 2009

Scott Rossi wrote:
> So why does the answer dialog render HTML?  It should not.

How would you propose passing styled text to the answer command?

The current situation is far from perfect, but for the relatively rare 
case where one needs to show HTML tags as content in an answer dialog it 
takes only a couple minutes to roll your own to do exactly what's needed 
(or less than a minute of your keep a dialog template stack handy <g>).

Maybe for the long term the flags that cause Rev's answer dialog to 
interpret the HTML might be tightened up a bit.  In MC it's required 
that text passed to it begin with "<p>" and end with "</p>" or it will 
be treated as plain text.  This means you could either put "<html>" and 
"</html>" about whatever you want to display raw, or even just a space 
character in front of the text, and you'll show the tags in the content.

The "raw" option you proposed would be nice, but I wonder if just making 
the HTML flags sufficiently limited would suffice.

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