[ANN] I have a confession...

Luis luis at anachreon.co.uk
Wed Mar 18 05:26:20 EDT 2009

Miles away...

Although I would assume that even if you 'came clean' in the first  
instance you'd also get replies, probably even more so.



On 18 Mar 2009, at 08:51, Jim Sims wrote:

> I have a confession to make.
> My question "I'm curious about how many apps the people on this  
> list usually have loaded during their work day?"  was really market  
> research. I wanted to find out how many apps and files people had  
> opened as they work.
> About three weeks ago a busy photographer friend (76 books launched  
> and 5 in the pipeline) complained to me that OS X didn't have any  
> way to reload apps & files that are open when he quits. He said he  
> wanted something like 'Time Machine' but in an application that  
> would load that one set of files and applications.
>  I suggested he use Sleep but as he travels a lot he wants to shut  
> the Mac off completely. So, three weeks later of spare time  
> fiddling I have a beta at:
> http://www.ezpzapps.com/AppBoot/
> Rev enables some fast development but this List is like having your  
> own Rev Genius Bar. Thanks!
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