My BBC Master - - - getting Beeped-off.

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Fri Mar 13 23:42:12 EDT 2009

BNig wrote:
> Hi Devin, Hi Mark,
> thanks for looking into this. So it appears that the fact that after setting
> the beeploudness to 100 it is far to low for MacOS 10 and one starts to hear
> anything above about 6500000 and then up to 16777472.
> Since setting the beeploudness to -1 makes an unhealthy noise with 10.5.6 I
> filed this as a minor bug in the qualitycenter under #7801

I asked Scott Raney about this years ago. He explained that there is no 
easy correlation between Rev's 1-100 settings and the Mac settings 
because of rounding errors, so all you can get is close. This was in 
reference to a problem I was having where I stored the original volume, 
changed it, and then set it back. It never went back to where it was before.

It could probably get closer than it is now, but it may never be perfect 
unless they change the scale.

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