My BBC Master - - - getting Beeped-off.

Richmond Mathewson geradamas at
Wed Mar 11 09:35:33 EDT 2009

Started wondering about BEEP, so tried a single button stack
with the following code:

on mouseUp
  set the beepLoudness to 50
end mouseUp

made with:

1. Runtime Revolution 2.1.1
2. Metacard 2.5

on Ubuntu 8.04.2


Having had no beeps on Mac OS X or Ubuntu I wonder if the statement:

"Sounds the system beep." isn't simply a lie?

"Windows and OS X do not execute the beep command if it's issued while a beep is playing. This means that if you specify a numberOfTimes on a Windows or OS X system, the user might hear fewer beeps because not all of them are sent to the speaker."

is very odd, as I am unable to hear a simple beep. AND, before anybody
makes funny comments about my hearing I have no problem hearing BBC
Micro system beeps.

sincerely, Richmond Mathewson.

Would be grateful if anybody has any free time to repeat this simple
experiment on a many Operating Systems as they have access to . . .


A Thorn in the flesh is better than a failed Systems Development Life Cycle.


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