My BBC Master - - - getting Beeped-off.

Judy Perry katheryn.swynford at
Wed Mar 11 08:30:43 CDT 2009

Richmond said:

"My initial interest was in type 1; and remains so, as I feel it
is the way that allows the most control via coding over PITCH,
LOUDNESS and DURATION. The fact that Runtime Revolution appears
to contain these capabilities seems to contradict the claim that
Scott Rainey did not make proviso for this possibility."
Right, but Richmond, aren't you the person who tried this and said that the
docs are right and this DOESN'T WORK?

If it doesn't work, then Raney did NOT make proviso to make it happen.

Which is why we're all still talking about it years later... which is why
Rebecca Bettancourt made a hack a few years ago to allow some of us to do
what it is that you are saying you want to do (and you're obviously not
alone, even if you're traveling in a very small herd).


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