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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue Mar 10 16:08:34 EDT 2009

Bob Sneidar wrote:

> Whaa?? There's a Rev 3.5?? Is it compatible with GLX2?

v3.5 is in beta testing at the moment.

Kevin introduced it in a recent newsletter:

Trevor goes into detail here on its cornerstone feature, Behaviors:

This new Behaviors feature is probably the most powerful addition to the 
language in many years.

In v3.5 you can use the script of any button to define behavior for any 
other object, enhancing the message path like this:


Messages sent to an object go first to that object, and then to whatever 
script is assigned as that object's behavior.  After the behavior script 
they resume the normal message path.

Any number of objects can use the same behavior button, so you can in 
effect create a class of objects.  And since messages are sent to a 
given object first before they go to the behavior script, you can 
override any generic class behaviors on an instance-by-instance basis if 

Really cool stuff.  Guaranteed to change the way you script! :)

André wrote:
> Richard, I love your claim: " The more custom controls look, feel, and  
> *script* like native
>     controls, the more they will be adopted."

Thanks, André.  This new feature is quite powerful.  As it moves toward 
completion, it opens up whole new worlds of possibilities.  If you'll 
pardon the expression, at least for the xTalk world it's quite 
revolutionary. :)

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