Beeps and menus

Jim Ault jimaultwins at
Tue Mar 3 19:40:06 EST 2009

i don't know the exact scenarios with buttons and menus since i don't  
need to use them, but...

it seems to me when the programmer starts sending messages that are  
the same as those generated by the program he is asking for  
complexities that are difficult to understand and control.

I have used the following cleaner way of using objects and the message  

-------------button script
on mouseup
    -- now call a handler in the stack or card script
    do ("menuChoiceHndlr" && the short name of me)
end mouseup

--------- in the stack script
on menuPick
    --    trap the user interaction and use it, however
    --    this may not be necessary.. see below
    menuChoiceHndlr  "theShortNameOfTheBtn"
end menuPick

on menuChoiceHndlr whichBtn
    case "shortName1"

    case "shortName2"
    end switch
end menuChoiceHndlr

Bonus is that every button has the same script.
All the logic is handled in the stack script.

Hope this helps, but i know it does not answer your question directly.

On Mar 3, 2009, at 3:53 PM, DunbarX at wrote:

> I posted this on the HC list by mistake. Took me three back-and- 
> forths and a
> handful of queries from common listmembers before I understood what  
> was going
> on. Brain needs debugger.
> Forget the beeps. the docs warn against too many anyway.
> Can anyone tell me the ordinary way to invoke a menuItem, like "Card
> Inspector"? "doMenu" fails, as the docs also warn against.
> Is sending the "menuPick" message to a menu always the correct way?  
> This
> seems roundaout; a command, not sending a message, should be the  
> preferred method.
> And you cannot send that message to a button, which threw me; I  
> thought all
> menus were buttons. Are menus a type of "object" in this scenario?
> I am not whining.
> Thanks,
> Craig Newman
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