[ON-REV] include, dbExec and other things

stephen barncard stephenREVOLUTION2 at barncard.com
Tue Jun 30 21:47:27 CDT 2009

yeah, I know the On-Rev documentation is a little vague -- much of what you
need to know about On-Rev "special stuff"  is in the On-Rev engine notes:


I haven't seen anything called "dbExec" -- unless you saw it someone's code
- could be a rev subroutine or a jqurery call.

The .irev or .inc files that don't have a closing ?>  are used for
subroutine use only - the page doesn't 'execute' anything itself - has to be
called from another page... using  "include" earlier in the calling script.

009/6/30 Nicolas Cueto <niconiko at gmail.com>

> A bit of a ramble...
> To learn how to script irev files, I've been
> looking at members' code examples. But
> I'm getting snagged up by new terms.
> Two of my latest:"dbExec" and "include".
> At first I searched the runrev documentation,
> but now I know they're not runrev commands --
> which I found odd, since I thought the code
> between the <?rev  and the ?> that "did stuff"
> had to be rev-only... or in html.
> BTW, some code examples omitted the ?>.
> Is that an oversight or is that ok? Why?
> So, I looked more closely at the code examples,
> goggled a bit, and now have a sense of what
> "dbExec" and "include" are and a vague notion
> of how to use them (but further light is welcome).
> Anyway, my basic question is: If it's not in
> the Rev docs, how can I learn what irev
> scripts can do? Besides, that is, the on-rev
> forum, the on-rev online docs, and of course
> bugging this list.
> Thanks.
> --
> Nicolas Cueto
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