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Tue Jun 30 15:14:08 CDT 2009

Le 30 juin 09 à 10:35, Peter Alcibiades a écrit :

> In Linux, print card mostly seems to work, though on one distro it  
> fails in
> exactly the way Scott notices - no print dialogue, no result.   The  
> page
> setup and print card commands fail to find a printer, though the  
> printer is
> visible to and usable by every other installed application, which  
> means very
> very many.
> revPrintField does not work on any distro I've tried - it does  
> print, but
> none of the print dialogue settings have any effect.
> This has been true since early 2.x.  Along with proper addressing  
> and use of
> multiple virtual desktops, its something that just needs to be fixed.
> Hopefully 4.0 will fix both of these things.

Not sure that anything will be fixed with release 4 concerning  
printing under Linux.
It seems that Linux (as well as text field or correcting some  
longstanding bugs) is not a priority.
Example: is  
still in an unconfirmed state since 2008-08-24.
I would be very glad if I was wrong and see something new soon.



> In the meantime, it continues to be less painful to do formatting and
> printing through the shell using awk.  Hard to believe there is a  
> modern
> software package of which one can seriously write this!
> Peter
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