Data Grid and per column allow editing

Trevor DeVore lists at
Tue Jun 16 08:29:51 CDT 2009

On Jun 15, 2009, at 2:57 PM, mfstuart wrote:

> Using the Data Grid control, I have 4 columns defined. Columns 1  
> through 3,
> I don't want to allow editing, but column 4 allow editing.
> How can I do this? Because the Allow Editing property is for the  
> Data Grid
> itself, not per column.

I started to put a lesson together on how to do this but once I got to  
the part about taking tabbing into account I gave up as it would be  
way too much work to implement outside the data grid. So here is an  
updated revDataGridLibrary with a new property:

dgColumnIsEditable pColumn

set the dgColumnIsEditable ["Col 1"] of group "DataGrid" to true
put the dgColumnIsEditable["Col 1"] of group "DataGrid"

I updated the data grid to take this property into account when  
deciding whether or not a cell should be open for editing. Note that  
"allow editing" will turn off all editing if set to false. So make  
sure it is true and then turn off column editing as needed for  
individual columns.

Download this file, unzip it and place it in the ./Toolset folder of  
your Rev installation (back up existing stack first).


I will be linking to this stack from the docs here pretty soon and at  
that point I will update the docs with new information. You can find  
the change log below.


Trevor DeVore
Blue Mango Learning Systems    -
* Added RefreshIndex and RefreshLine. Calling either one will redraw  
index/line with current data.
* Added dgColumnIsEditable property for each column. Default is true  
but if "allow editing" is false for data grid then no editing is  
* Updated default column behavior to take dgColumnIsEditable property  
into account.
* Tabbing through editable table cells now skips columns that have  
dgColumnIsEditable property set to false.
* Added ColumnControlOfIndex(pColumn, pIndex) which can be used for  
getting the control for a column of index pIndex.
* Added the 'effective scrollbar width' property which always returns  
an integer (scrollbar width can be set to "auto").
* EditCellOfIndex now scrolls grid horizontally so that pCell is in  
* Updated default column behavior to call EditCellOfIndex so that  
column would be scrolled into view horizontally if not completely  
* When CloseFieldEditor and ExitFieldEditor are sent during automatic  
saving of data they are now wrapped in try/catch blocks so errors  
don't leave the editor field dead in the water. If the data grid  
wasn't automatically saving data errors were properly caught.
* When pressing tab key while editing cell of table with single column  
editing field closes. Previously the field would remain open and  
nothing would happen as behavior was to try and go to next cell in row  
for editing.
* "column widths" was not looping through columns properly.
* "column widths" now uses the last integer in the list for all  
columns without a valid value in the list.
* Fixed a typo in the error reporting dialog that appears if an error  
happens in row template script.
* Field editor is now deleted before redrawing data grid.
* Adding new data to the data grid when fixed row height = true now  
reconfigures scrollbar appropriately.
* dgDataOfLine was not refreshing the data grid view.
* selectionChanged in editor field is now trapped so selectionChanged  
never reaches group. This avoids unexpected selectionChanged messages.  
Developer can override field editor behavior to process  
* Empty lines when setting the dgText would mess things up.
* Fixed a default value issue when working with dgTemplateFieldEditor.

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