dead click functions

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Mon Jun 8 09:35:45 EDT 2009

I see all that, Jacques. The info about how events are queued vs. how HC 
did it is important to me, so thank you.

But I would not ask so much of the engine if I did not write "wait until 
the mouseClick". The handler does not finish, it waits. And the very event 
that restarts it ought to be sufficient to permit the engine to re-orient 
itself to its new conditions; for example the mouseLoc, and continue merrily in 
its role of integrating at the highest level the GUI and the real workings 
behind the scenes, the reason we love this programming paradigm so much.

Working on a workaround...


In a message dated 6/8/09 1:07:58 AM, jacque at writes:

> Now you're asking me things that veer off into the great unknown. :) But
> to my simple user brain, I think it must be something like this:
> A "mouseclick" is actually a series of several messages: mouseup,
> mousestilldown (3 of them, I think), and a mouseup. If all these aren't
> in order in the message queue, you don't have a mouseclick.
> So you have a button that executes the handler on mouseup, and then you
> move the mouse to the field and click again. The messages that are sent
> are something like this:
> mousemove -- in the button, several of them
> mouseleave -- in the button
> mousemove -- going to the field, lots of these (and by now the handler
> has probably already finished)
> mouseEnter -- into the field
> mousedown -- on the field
> mouseStilldown -- in the field
> mouseUp -- in the field
> There are lots of intervening messages between the mouseup in the button
> and the "mouseclick" events in the field. The button script has already
> finished, probably before the cursor ever enters the field. It misses
> the "mouseclick" check. When you call the same handler from inside the
> field itself, there are no mousemoves, no mouseleaves, etc. The series
> of messages that constitute a "mouseclick" are more likely to be caught.
> I think. Maybe someone else knows.

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