Call for comments: Rev as a Second Language

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue Jan 27 13:06:34 EST 2009

Dave wrote:
> No, and if they can't spare 15 minutes to just *look* at a problem  
> after spending at least £1000 on "consultancy" then its really not  
> worth a light! I was told that it would cost me another £1000 just to  
> LOOK at the problem to which I said - well I won't repeat it, but I  
> think you can guess!

I'm not clear, please help me understand:  was that £1k paid to RunRev 
for their consulting services?

If so, that's different from the product experience in terms of my 
article, but I agree that if non-working code was delivered it seems a 
reasonable concern.

In all fairness I don't know the details and am not judging RunRev's 
performance on this.  I hope you're able to resolve this with them.

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