problems with Cyrillic input on Windows standalone

Curt Ford cford at
Sat Jan 24 14:16:34 EST 2009

Благодаря, Richard, for the quick response - I'm not sure what  
I would do with the fontLanguage - ? I've looked at useUnicode as well  
but thought that was only for working with NumToChar and CharToNum  

I'd hoped to avoid changing the code since it had been working well  
before (and still is in the Mac IDE and Mac standalone); in fact,  
throughout the project I've avoided mucking around with Unicode as  
much as possible, trying to stick to HTMLText properties for writing  
out text & reading it in from external files.

FWIW I found the last working Windows standalone (version 99h3) and  
the first Windows standalone where the problem appears (99h5), but  
couldn't find a difference in the code. I've just  tried making a new  
standalone from 99h3 using both Rev 3.0 and 2.9 - both show the  
problem. My original version 99h3 dates from March 8 2008 - don't  
remember now which version of Rev I was using then..??


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