Devin Asay devin_asay at
Fri Jan 9 13:00:45 EST 2009

On Jan 9, 2009, at 9:30 AM, Bill Ziegler wrote:

> executing at 11:21:27 AM
> Type	Object: property is not an integer
> Object	Variables
> Line	set the height of scrollbar "Scrollbar" of me to the height of me
> - 14
> Hint	-8
> All of a sudden I've started getting this error and can't open any
> scripts. It is from higher up on the food chain then my stack. I get
> it even when I develop new stacks. I tried dumping my whole Rev Media
> folder and downloading a fresh version. I still get this error and
> sometime a background error.


Just so we're clear: The line referenced is not from a handler you  
wrote? And this happens every time you try to edit any script in any  

Are you using any plugins? See your Documents folder (OS X) or your My  
Documents folder (Win) and look for a folder called "My Revolution  
Media". Inside that there may be a plugins folder. If there is  
anything inside that, pull it out and relaunch Rev Media.


Devin Asay
Humanities Technology and Research Support Center
Brigham Young University

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