Latest Rev cgi engines for Linux server ?

jbv jbv.silences at
Thu Jan 8 10:46:02 EST 2009

Hi list,

I'm in the process of building a new version of a website I did for a
client circa 2004-2005. It was mostly built around Rev 2.5 and Linux.
My client thinks of migrating to a new (and cheaper) ISP, and why
not on a faster server.

According to my experience, Rev 2.5 was heavily environment dependent
and I've been told a while ago by Rev support that post-2.5 cgi engines
of Rev would be less environment dependent...

Does anyone have some experience to share on a Linux distro for a server

and one of the most recent versions of Rev, that would allow cgi scripts

written for Rev 2.5 to migrate without much change ? The server is also
using PHP 4.3.2 and mySQL 4.0.15.

Thanks in advance,

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