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Thu Feb 26 23:55:48 EST 2009

I don't know, shooting a simple message like openCard right off of its path is profoundly disturbing. That's why I cannot believe it is not a problem with my own program or environment. I will try two brand new stacks and see if I can make them talk to each other; maybe my utility stack is corrupted. If not, I wonder if only openCard is affected; as I said, resumeStack is not.

And thanks to Mark, I looked inside the msg scripts. The word opencard does not appear at all, so my tongue in cheek thought that I would simply  pass it is likely pointless. I'll try anyway.

The message box must be as benign as possible. It is a tool that sits apart and watches; interacting when called to do so. It is supposed to help us, not screw us up. In my travail, I am still developing my utility stack. I am using buttons to send simple system commands, since I cannot use msg at all. It has somehow inserted itself into the message path, which is why it inserted that weird text into what it thought was its own field, but actually was sent to a field in my test stack. It has to be intercepting openCard somehow.

Thanks to all who are replying, though. It is heartening and encouraging..

Does anyone in Scotland know what that "/REVEXCLUDED02" is for?

Craig Newman

On Feb 26, 2009, at 9:28:33 PM, "Mark Wieder" <mwieder at> wrote:
Well, the message box is, and needs to be, a little weird. It has to
deal with some system messages in a way that normal stacks don't
normally need to think about. For instance, it gets the debug
execution context so that it can interact with variables while you're
debugging. I wouldn't be too put out of shape about it interfering
with what you're trying to do, although you're getting some very
interesting symptoms.

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