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> My first question was why you have an openCard handler in a "stack-in-
> use". It would seem to invite management problems, as it will trap 
> *any* opencard message. (Apart from the fact that the Rev IDE consists 
> of rev stacks, what would you expect to happen if you had two projects 
> open at once?)

Thanks for the replay

That is its purpose, to monitor the state of any card in any stack that I am 
viewing. It is a utility stack that lurks in the background for general 
development, it is NOT a component of any particular project. The information is 
gathered whenever a card is opened. The IDE doesn't care about this.

It is the mainstay of my HC world, and the current build in Rev works just 
fine, very stable, though currently it has far less capability since I am still 
constructing it. But I can only use it if I DO NOT open the msg box. That is a 
pain. If I ever do, all hell breaks loose, I cannot receive opencard messages 
at all, and very wierd behavior besets my open stacks. I have to quit and 
restart Rev to get back to normal. Reliably reproducable, as I said; though in 
this case it is of little comfort.

Craig Newman

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