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Thu Feb 26 16:50:00 EST 2009

Hi Craig,

What does the stacksInUse return, when this problem occurs? What are  
the actual names of the stacks?

Best regards,

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On 26 feb 2009, at 17:54, DunbarX at wrote:

> I have a stack "A" of two cards, two fields on each. No code anywhere.
> I have another stack "B" with an "opencard" handler in the stack  
> script ,
> containing one line: "doThis". A handler "doThis" right below it has  
> nothing in
> it. On openstack, Stack "B" is put in use.
> If I open stack "A" and move between the two cards, any text there  
> is stable.
> If I then open stack "B", any navigation between cards in stack "A"  
> is still
> stable. If I then open the msg box, any navigation between cards in  
> stack "A"
> puts the text "/REVEXCLUDE02" in the first field of each card. The  
> first field
> only. Also, the stack changes size somewhat as each card is  
> displayed. I can
> reproduce this perfectly.
> I made a new stack with a similar empty "opencard" handler in it. Same
> problem with stack "A", or in fact any stack at all. It is the  
> opening of the msg
> box that causes that wierd text to appear.
> I am on a fairly old PPC machine, OS 10.4.11. I am about to give up: I
> cannot work at all if i can't trap messages between stacks.
> Craig Newman

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