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DunbarX at DunbarX at
Wed Feb 25 16:23:13 EST 2009

And as usual, as I look at it now, obvious and perfectly proper. My tools 
gadget in HC was an external window. Here it is a stack. It was the culprit.

Typical.   Thanks. 

Craig Newman

In a message dated 2/25/09 4:10:18 PM, sarah.reichelt at writes:

> Because when you close one stack, another stack has to become the new
> topStack and it is resumed. If you check "the target" in your
> resumeStack handler, you will be able to see which stack is getting
> the resumeStack message.
> > Also, when I save a stack, all those little dialogs
> > all seem to send "resumeStack" as well. If everything in rev is a stack, 
> well,
> > then I understand that part, but not the other.
> Yes, every part of the IDE is a stack. But nearly all the IDE stacks
> have names starting with "rev", so in your tools, you could check "the
> short name of the target" and if it starts with "rev", just pass the
> message.

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