getting timeout with load URL

Klaus Major klaus at
Wed Feb 25 05:52:15 EST 2009

Hi Tiemo,

> Hello,
> I am experiencing sometimes timeouts with a load URL at a beta tester.
> Testing the same download from same server at the same time, runs  
> smooth.
> Obviously the bottleneck seems to be the internet connection or  
> provider of
> the tester, though he is supposed to have a 2000 kBit line. On the  
> other
> hand he can surf the net and downloads mails without a problem -  
> beside of
> slow performance some times.
> Are there any options to tweak the load URL / internet connection from
> within Rev, like setting the timeout, retrying or anything else? Or  
> do I
> just have to live with that behaviour and have to tell my customers to
> retry?
> Thanks for any experience

you can get and set "the socketTimeOutInterval" like:
put the socketTimeOutInterval into alt_interval
set the socketTimeOutInterval to 20000
## Do your internet stuff...
set the socketTimeOutInterval to alt_interval

that's the way we do it and it works fine so far :-)

> Tiemo



Klaus Major
klaus at

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