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Noted. I will write the "missing" command, add it to my tools in use and call 
it as required:

placeGroup theGroup,cardDescriptor/this/all/marked ("/" since the char "|" 
displays badly)

I suppose it is my first realization that rev is not just a superset of HC, 
but is its own entity. Nostalgia factor, you see. Whether the idea of groups, 
however they may be configured to act just like a "real' bg, is a fundamental 
improvement, truly obviating the need for a bg at all, is academic; it is so, 
and so it is.

The nice thing about a HC-like bg is that all cards already have it. To my 
mind it offers an open playing field that can be accessed during development as 
required, whenever new or existing objects seem to fit in that space better. 
The group concept itself, requiring that they must be placed like any other 
object, ad hoc, ran up against the very small wall that I originally wrote about. 
This is fine as far as it goes, and the fix, naturally derived from the 
rev/HC common clay, is straightforward. The fact that a stack can have multiple 
"bgs" is likely a powerful feature.

Craig Newman


> I'm sure you've already noted ( and anyway this isn't meant to address the
> question you mentioned in placing a bg group onto existing cards) but in the
> Property Inspector you can highlight the "behave like a background" checkbox
> (which is the same as scripting "set the backgroundBehaviour of...") and the
> bg group in question will be automatically placed on newly created cards.
> The scripted "place <bg group> onto card <card>" will be necessary for
> pre-existing cards, of course, as already discussed.

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