[ANN] ListMagic 1.1.2 Maintenance Release is now available

Jim Bufalini jbufalini at visitrieve.com
Tue Feb 24 07:25:55 EST 2009

Hello Everyone,

ListMagic 1.1.2 is now available. Please download it from:


When you launch ListMagic, it will say ListMagic 1.1.2 in the title bar. If
yours is already registered, then Registered version will also show in your
ListMagic title bar. There is no need to re-register.

To upgrade existing projects to the new version, simply go to your existing
project. In ListMagic, go to the Installation tab, click on the "Install or
modify a widget" button and then, on the next screen, and without changing
anything, just click the "Modify" button. 

ListMagic will update all widgets, in all cards of the stack, and its own
ListMagic library. If you have multiple stacks with ListMagic widgets, just
repeat for each stack, by going to the stack, and clicking Modify again.
You're done!

This maintenance release corrects reported problems, as well as contains a
couple of significant enhancements.

Bugs fixed in 1.1.2:

- Printing generated locked stack errors.

- Cancelling printing could generate errors.

- Sorting on print, export or extract could generate locked stack errors.

- Right clicking on an item and selecting Edit from the context menu could
select the wrong item.

- Random errors if running GLX2 and VAB.
    Fixed - Requires you also run the latest beta of GLX2.

- German language menus were incorrectly phrased.


- You can now filter any column by any combination of characters or word(s).
For example, if you have a Street Address column with 123 Some Street, 789
Some Drive, 555 Wilson Place, and 333 Center Drive, selecting filter and
typing "s" will immediately knock out 333 Center Drive because it has no
"s". Type "o" and the others still remain, because all three have "so." Type
"m" and 555 Wilson Place is filtered out, leaving you only with the Some
Street and Some Drive addresses. Of course, if have many people who live on
Some Drive, and wanted to filter to only the Smiths on Some Drive, you just
start entering Smith in the name column. Way cool. And all built-in and

- Print, Extract and Export all respect a filter. So, if you filter a list
and then either Print, Extract or Export, only the filtered items print,

- You can use column names instead of numbers for sorting before a print,
Export or Extract. So, if the second column of your list is Last Name, then
LMPrint 2 and LMPrint "Last Name" both will sort by Last Name before
printing. This is valuable if you allow your users to drag and drop columns
into different positions in the list (built-in option feature of ListMagic).
By using column names instead of numbers in your statements, you will always
get the right sort without having to check first if they moved the columns. 

Best of all, it's still only two clicks to create a list with headers,
resizable column widths, sorting by column, filtering by column, in-line
editing, drag and drop column positioning, automatically resizing columns,
selection lines and boxes, hidden columns, scrollbars, iTunes look and feel
with selectable colors, formatted printing, import and export to file, and
built-in messaging that allows you to easily do all manner of customizations
(but only if you want to ;-). 

With all the built-in features, you don't have to do anything, because it's
more than you probably need. Did I mention all with a couple of clicks? ;-)

This release corrects all reported issues. Please report any problems or
suggestions on this release to:

support at sosmartsoftware.com


Jim Bufalini

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