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Bob Sneidar bobs at twft.com
Mon Feb 23 19:16:51 EST 2009

BTW, according to the Dictionary, the group cannot be "nested" that is  
a part of another group.

> That is going to take a repeat loop I am sure. The command is:
> PLACE <groupname> ONTO CARD <cardname>
> You can use "this card" instead of card name if you go to each card in
> the loop, or you can get the name of every card first and use it as an
> index to your repeat loop.
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> On Feb 23, 2009, at 4:07 PM, DunbarX at aol.com wrote:
>> OK. I get groups. And I see the additional flexibility as opposed to
>> the
>> fixed bg object class in HC.
>> So how (without a repeat loop that places a group on every card)
>> does one
>> place a newly created background group on every card? That is, if
>> you already
>> have a stack with 5000 cards, how do you put your brand new group
>> (bg) on each
>> one? All doc emphasis is that a bg copies its objects onto newly
>> created cards,
>> not the other way around. I don't see a "place group yourGroup on
>> all cards"
>> variation of the "place" command, though it seems there should be.
>> This was easy in HC, one just moved the object(s) to the bg, which
>> already
>> exists, comforted to know you can access it at any time. Or not;
>> groups as a
>> substitute for bgs in some ways almost seem too insubstantial,
>> though they seem
>> powerful as local objects. Rev should have bgs as well as groups. It
>> seems the
>> group concept itself requires more careful initial planning when
>> starting to
>> design a new stack.
>> Do I write a library routine and put it in my toolbox? Or do I wait
>> for
>> Jackie to tell me the obvious? And why I am wrong about needing bgs
>> at all. I
>> wonder which would be faster?
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