OT: help for a one liner applescript?

Ken Ray kray at sonsothunder.com
Mon Feb 23 14:33:17 EST 2009

> Having no Mac experience I wanted to write my first one liner applescript
> but failed even with such a basic. What I want to do is to launch an app
> "foo" on a CD "fooCD". My one and only script line looks like:
> Tell application "Finder" to open folder "Volumes:fooCD:foo.app"
> When trying to run this script it gives me the AppleScript error:  "folder
> "Volumes:fooCD:foo.app"" can't be read. I get the same error, when starting
> with fooCD (without Volumes)

Here you go:

  tell app "Finder" to launch application "/Applications/TextEdit.app"
  tell app "TextEdit" to activate


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