How to compare bettwen .rev file

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Fri Feb 20 06:40:03 EST 2009

Hi Nhan,

I just realized I answered a reply instead of the original question. ;-)

There is a very excellent and completely free utility that Eric Chatonet
developed called Changed Code Picker that compares two stacks and their
substacks and highlights all changes made between the two. It has both
complete Help as well as Preferences that allow you to, for example, ignore
comment changes, etc. It will also tell you if both stacks and their
substacks compare completely.

You can find this at:
(fourth one down)


Jim Bufalini


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> Dear all,
> Is there any one who can help answer this question? My group are
> developing a project and how can we compare the difference between .rev
> file to know what each one does on the same file because we usually
> copy
> the same file to each one's computer and modified.
> Thanks so much,
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