[ANN]: "Word Match" (language tool + dynamic labels on icon images)

Joe Lewis Wilkins pepetoo at cox.net
Wed Feb 18 13:16:36 EST 2009

Hi Wilhelm,

I re downloaded your stack, but found there are still problems with  
the Spanish to English words. I don't speak German, so I don't know if  
the same problems exist with it. I made no changes to anything, merely  
pressed the "Vocabulary" button and then with the optionkey held down,  
thinking that would perhaps reverse things. Mismatches were evident,  
though I have to admit I have a little trouble reading things, to the  
point that I didn't even read your notes of instruction. I find the  
distance between the languages to be bothersome. It would be much  
easier to follow if they were more side by side (almost adjacent) to  
one another. Also, the pop-up menu is somewhat erratic in its  
performance. I assume you are expecting to add other languages at some  
future date. Frankly, I would prefer that this not be quite so  
colorful. Black text on white backgrounds would be more than  
acceptable and less of a strain on my poor eyes. Perhaps a way to turn  
off coloration? Incidentally, I'm viewing this on a Leopard MacPro  
with a 30" screen, so things do get spread out for me.

My 2¢,

Joe Wilkins

On Feb 18, 2009, at 5:23 AM, Wilhelm Sanke wrote:

> The remedy for this is simple: I put "choose browse tool" directly  
> before the "send mouseup" line in the openstack handler, and now the  
> "repeat" button works even in the Rev IDE immediately after opening  
> the stack.
> I have placed the stack with the added scriptline at the same URL as  
> before.
> <http://www.sanke.org/Software/WordMatch.zip>
> Regards,
> Wilhelm Sanke
> <http://www.sanke.org/MetaMedia>

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