Arrays and Custom Props

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Mon Feb 16 18:28:18 EST 2009

Thanks Mark that is probably the methodology I will use when the time  

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On Feb 16, 2009, at 2:10 PM, Mark Swindell wrote:

> The exception to the above is that if you make any change to an  
> executable (a standalone), including adding a card, a button,  
> changing an objects properties (custom or innate), that change will  
> not be saved when the executable quits.  But this only affects the  
> executable stack.
> A SUBSTACK of the executable, as long as it is saved as a separate  
> file when the standalone is created, can be saved, and it's changes  
> will be saved.  You have to save it deliberately by issuing the  
> command "save this stack" in some form or another, but those changes  
> will be saved.
> Now, when the executable opens and calls for that substack to open,  
> the substack will appear with all changes intact.    That's why the  
> splash stack is often used for this purpose.  It is the executable,  
> but all associated substacks, as long as they were saved as separate  
> substacks by checking the  "move substacks to individual files" (or  
> whatever is is) in the application builder are modifiable and those  
> modifications persist.  Including custom properties.

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