Lists to arrays and back again

Bob Sneidar bobsneidar at
Sat Feb 7 18:01:42 EST 2009

I apparently do not understand arrays at all. I have a 2 row list,  
called myVar. Each line contains "1,2,3" and "4,5,6" respectively. I  
want to use the split command to make an array so that myVar[1,1] = 1  
and myvar[2,1] =4. split ALWAYS seems to think that the first item it  
encounters in each line is the key I want to use to reference it,  and  
everything after that are the elements of the array. I JUST want to  
convert a list to an array an reference the elements by row and column.

Eventually I want to delete whole columns of the array and recombine  
the array back to a list. If I have to use repeat loops to populate  
the array, why then that's like paying for a glass of orange juice  
with a bottle of orange juice.

Any ideas?

Bob Sneidar
IT Manager
Calvary Chapel CM
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