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Jerry Daniels jerry.daniels at
Sun Feb 15 23:04:35 EST 2009

Jim, Bob...

Mark and I are on this. It's having to do with protected sub-stacks,  
it seems.


On Feb 15, 2009, at 3:10 PM, Jim Bufalini wrote:

> Hi Bob,
> Thank you for taking the time be more explanative. As a result, I  
> was able
> to duplicate the problem. It is due to a combination of factors:
> 1. Running LMPrint from the message box.
> 2. Running GLX2.
> 3. A bug in one ListMagic's print formatting handlers.
> The spinning beach ball is coming from GLX2 trying to report an  
> error coming
> from a locked stack (I'll let Jerry know). Disabling the revGLX2  
> Code plugin
> results in a Rev error that says it can't tell you exactly what it is
> because the stack is locked. But there is no hang. Lastly, the cause  
> of the
> error in the first place being the bug in one of ListMagic's print
> formatting handlers.
> I'll release a update within the next couple of days that will  
> correct this
> as well as some other minor issues reported.
> Once again, thanks for taking the time to report the problem. We'll  
> get
> corrected in short order.
> Jim Bufalini
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>> Hi Jim. Sorry didn't mean to come off that way.
>> I used the lmprint command from the message box. I got the page setup
>> and print dialogs ok. I chose Format For and chose a local printer on
>> the network. When I got to the print dialog I clicked the Preview
>> button. It was at that point I got the Printing dialog and the
>> spinning beach ball. That went on for over a minute at which point I
>> treid to cancel. It then changed to cancelling printing but never
>> actually did. I didn't try again. I had to quit Revolution which i  
>> did
>> via the keyboard. Every attempt to open a card containing a listmagic
>> object after that threw errors so I had do delete the listmagic
>> objects and scriptingi can try again and see if I get the same
>> problem. I will say that I had recently used the VAB in GLX2 which I
>> have had problems with so let me reproduce the error and get back to
>> you.
>> Bob Sneidar
>> IT Manager
>> Calvary Chapel CM
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