ListMagic Printing

Jim Bufalini jim at
Fri Feb 13 23:52:51 EST 2009

Hi Bob,

> Has anyone tried to print from Listmagic yet? I tried to use the
> Preview option in the OS X print dialog and it basically locked up
> with a dialog that said it was printing but never really did.
> Cancelling did not cancel. I had to quit Revolution to get out of the
> loop. When I did that, clicking gave me the "don't do that!" system
> beep, but oddly I could use the keyboard and the Revolution Menu so I
> was able to quit gracefully.
> I only mention this to warn people so they do not get hung up with
> this or produce a commercial app and then have their users run into
> this.

Well, that's a stern warning. ;-)

Can you tell me what happens if from the Action tab of ListMagic you click
on the Actions menu on the upper right and select Print. You should get a
Page Setup screen. Select Portrait and OK. You should get a nicely formatted
Test list of the sample data.

Did you use the LMPrint command described in the Syntax tab of ListMagic to
do your print? The LMExport also works nicely from this menu. Basically you
need to use the handlers provided with ListMagic in your app.

Jim Bufalini

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