AW: Problems deleting folders on Vista - error #?

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Fri Feb 13 15:46:07 EST 2009

Jim Bufalini wrote:
> Otherwise you need
> something like your installer to do it when you install the program. Take a
> look at the Nullsoft NIS installer (free) and there is a plugin for setting
> UAC (User Access Control) of either or both your app and directories. Any
> files in a directory or subdirectories of a directory inherit the UAC of the
> parent dir.

This is helpful info, thanks. My installer sets admin priveleges when 
installing the app. Later the app itself creates other folders inside 
the user's Documents folder. Will the newly-created folders have the 
same UAC as the app? Will the app be able to write files to those 
folders later on?

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