Need suggestions from the masters :)

weslyn whitehead docwes1 at
Mon Feb 9 17:05:07 EST 2009

I'm creating a application (game system)  that will work in a virtual world
and interact with the system there. As players use the system, it will post
data to a inworld server which i will use to make httprequest outside the
world into my rev server.  Once there I am hopeing to put the information
into a DB and return information back to the inworld server.  My question is
im sure i can do this no problem with MySql but i also own Valentina Rev ADK
and so, im wanting to use valentina but im not sure its the right solution.
Only the Rev Server would be talking to the db. I guess im not sure how it
would work as far as deployment.

So on mysql i'd setup a mysql server set user accounts and lock access down.
Then create my DB. Use app to talk to db.

With Valentina is it setup the db connection in the Rev server app and then
just reference a flat file not a server type deal? Also, any experience if
this is the solution how fast/reliable would this be? (assuming this would
all sit on a server)

Thanks in advance hope i wasnt just ranting on.


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